12.27.2011 – Conspiracy Roundup: Border Fence Chaos (for TruTV.com Conspiratorium)

Conspiracy Roundup: Border Fence Chaos

Benjamin J Spencer
By Benjamin J Spencer
December 27, 2011 2:24PM

BorderAuthorities in Finland have allegedly discovered 69 smuggled U.S. Patriot missiles and 150 tons of explosives bound for China in crates labeled “fireworks.”

Controversy over the National Defense Authorization Act, which some civil rights groups thinks will legalize indefinite detention of U.S. citizens, is heating up on the internet right before Obama is set to sign it into law.

In related news, Twitter is again accused of censoring news about SOPA, OWS and the National Defense Authorization Act. The company has denied all previous conspiracy theories about coverups.

Some will try anything to conquer an annoying cold. But brain-eating amoeba might be a bit of overkill…

Some suspect these overwhelming displays of grief from North Koreans over the death of dictator Kim Jong Il to be mass-staged for state television. But it’s not like he’s still watching them… or is he?

How did a former British paratrooper manage to run a thriving bar in Baghdad right next door to the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq? Apparently, they had one great Iraqi fixer.

These former Texans now living on the Mexican side of the border fence insist they are still U.S. citizens.

On a related note, it looks like the only immigrant population the Arizona border fence has succeeded in reducing are black bears. To be fair, the bears admitted they were here to take our jobs.


12.26.2011 – Occupy Wall Street Using Toy Helicopters to Record Cops (for TruTV.com Conspiratorium)

Occupy Wall Street Using Toy Helicopters To Record Cops

Benjamin J Spencer
By Benjamin J Spencer
December 26, 2011 2:43PM

CopsCount Occupy Wall Street down, but not out.

The NYC faction of the movement has just invented a whimsical, but potentially effective, tool in response to what they say is overbearing surveillance, police violence, and the barring of photographers and journalists from protests: a toy helicopter.

Bought cheaply online, the device is controllable from an iPhone and rigged with a tiny camera that can record and stream video in real time to the social video website, Ustream…

Though just successfully tested a couple of days ago, the so-called “Occucopter” already has a Facebook page and is chronicling its adventures in counter-surveillance on its very own Twitter feed.

The mini-chopper is the brainchild of Tim Pool, a New York-based tech specialist, multimedia journalist and OWS supporter who has already gained some fame for his live chat-enabled Ustream broadcasts from Occupy encampments nationwide. Pool’s latest innovation: installing 3G cellular controllers to vastly extend the Occucopter’s range.

Will we soon see police battling hundreds of hovering, buzzing toy spy drones controlled by multiple operators, who could be thousands of miles away? And could this technology, intended to keep tabs on police abuses, be turned used for more nefarious purposes?

Some observers fear the ramifications of an escalating drone race much like the nuclear arms race of the 1980s, where authorities could justify their own use of drones by pointing to devices like the Occucopter. Think about it: a remotely-operated drone chopper could live-stream your wife taking a shower.

We may not have to wait long for the brave new world of Big Brother warfare. But for now, the live-streaming of Occupy events continues. Recently, Occupy Albany was being forced to move out of their encampment. Tim Pool – and his Occucopter – were there, documenting the eviction live on Ustream.

11.26.2011 – Conspiracy Roundup – What China and the Mall Have in Common (for TruTV.com Conspiratorium)

Conspiracy Roundup: What do China and the Mall Have in Common?

Benjamin J Spencer
By Benjamin J Spencer
November 26, 2011 10:37AM
Mayan ProphecyA Mexican museum recently revealed the “Comolcalco Brick”, an ancient Mayan fragment containing the only other known reference to the end of Baktun 13… a.k.a. the rumored end-of-world date of 2012. But the museum secreted the brick away in storage for years, and even the ancient Mayans kept the inscription hidden behind stucco. Why?Are these Occupy Wall Street protesters really stockbrokers and cops?A truly Black Friday: some malls have started using covert antennae to track shoppers from store to store using their cell phone signals.

But that’s not all. Recent government reports suggest that Chinese telecommunications equipment such as servers and routers might contain spyware.

And the conspiracy to discredit global warming has a new trick up its sleeve: a new scientific study claimsthat all the dire warnings of catastrophic climate change have been greatly exaggerated, despite doubling CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere.A British church told HIV-sufferers that they were cured by prayer and that they could throw away their medications. Six of them died, and others infected partners. The church then blamed them for not praying “genuinely”.

11.17.2011 – Conspiracy Roundup: Naughty Facebook (for TruTV.com Conspiratorium)

Conspiracy Roundup: Naughty Facebook

Benjamin J Spencer
By Benjamin J Spencer
November 18, 2011 12:36PM


Are the nation’s mayors actually coordinating with the help of Homeland Security, the FBI, and other federal agencies?

Pennsylvania police arrested Oscar Ramiro Ortega on suspicion of firing an AK-47 near the White House last Friday. Ortega had a “fixation” with Obama’s current abode. Maybe more than a fixation: investigators found a bullet hole in a shatterproof White House window and another bullet elsewhere on the grounds.

Did the Energy Department ask Solyndra, whose main investor was Obama’s buddy, to delay layoffs until after the 2010 midterm elections? These emails suggest they did.

Facebook finds out who caused my dear, sweet Aunt Greta to flood my news feed with naughty Photo-shopped Justin Bieber pics and promises to wreak vengeance on the hackers responsible.

Oh, incidentally, all of you pre-verts now suddenly searching for naughty Photoshopped Justin Bieber pics online? Facebook knows what you’re doing. And it’s very disappointed in you.

The Spy Who Buzzed Me: the city of Lancaster, CA wants to prevent crime by deploying a surveillance spy plane equipped with infrared and video cameras flying over the city 10 hours a day.

DSK is back and France and already making headlines for another case, this one involving highly-paid prostitutes.

Add some kale and presto! Pizza is now a government-sanctioned vegetable.

10.31.2011 – Conspiracy Roundup: Stealing Your Privacy (for truTV.com Conspiratorium)

Conspiracy Roundup: Stealing Your Privacy

Benjamin J Spencer
By Benjamin J Spencer
October 31, 2011 10:06AM

Herman-cain-4Global climate change: it’s just getting warmed up, apparently. Countries need to brace for millions upon millions of “climate refugees” in the next decade, according to a U.N. panel.

Is Herman Cain buying copies of his own autobiographical books, from his own publishing company, as part of his book tour, with donated campaign money? Feds say that’s not kosher.

Even after the Solyndra bankruptcy mini-scandal, billions in federal funds are going to questionable clean energy companies, according to this story…

Privacy-invading requests for your ZIP Code at the supermarket? Turns out, you don’t have to tell them what your zip code is (or just do what we do and make it up — stick it to same lame zip code.)

The Dept. of Justice proposed a change to Freedom Of Information Act law that would allow them to pretend documents that exist, you know, don’t exist.

And former Weatherman “terrorist” Bill Ayers spoke to Occupy Chicago protestors the other day. Uh oh…

10.29.2011 – Conspiracy Roundup: Population Control Shocker (for truTV.com’s Conspiratorium)

Conspiracy Roundup: Population Control Shocker

Benjamin J Spencer
By Benjamin J Spencer
October 29, 2011 3:21PM

What a coincidence: ABC and CBS both claimed “technical difficulties” at the same time protesters getting teargassed by the coppers in Oakland, then cut away.

We agree: this conspiracy theory about how John Elway wants Tim Tebow as a starting quarterback so he can fail and they “can get rid of him” is a head-scratcher.

Jonathan Nolan, writer of the new show “Person of Interest” and brother of director Christopher, talks about his Facebook conspiracy theory.

There’s an obvious attempt by the mainstream media to discredit Occupy Wall Street by painting its goals as confusing or hard to understand. Not so, says Slate.

This liberal blog explores the “reason” Rick Perry wants to see Obama’s report card.

Am I alone, or a Neo-Luddite, to think that this Glorious Vision of our Shared Utopian Future has a sinister edge to it?

Major food companies are starting to reject genetically-modified Monsanto corn.

And is population control just a conspiracy by rich countries, threatened by change, to keep the poor down? Or is it a new form of eugenics? This is an interesting take on a usually unquestioned assumption.