Pleiades, The Bear

Pleiades. The Bear.


Photo: (c) astronomer Hakon Dahle. Oslo, Norway

we lay
on our backs
in the night fields
in the sweet grass
And spied on the Pleiades. The Bear.

And of course broad Orion
in the Southernmost sky

Arm straight,
Leg back, tense.
Pulling taut the sprawling starry fabric of the Almost-dawn
With the steady draw of his single bowstring

Once also there was a shower of stars
that fell silently
over the mint fields
And the grass seed fields
Far Across,
the purple streaked beginnings of our Dawn.

But summer rolled suddenly to her side
Pulling the comforter with her

And in the haste of her departing
kicked up a Deadening

hiding Me from You

And so you would travel
Alone your long hidden way
to the northern cities

And I would wander the midnight country
After a kind of a Ghost

of what


A Dedication

I found this dedication from the author in an original 1935 print of Eli Greifer’s “Poetic Lotions, Pills and Potions”, while I was sorting through the dollar carts at Strand Books:

To Moe

 -And may she find this volume helpful in sending her on the delightful path of sin – – or, if she is already dancing in the direction of the Deuce, may this book remove any sense of guilt, if such there be.

– The Devil’s Agent,